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This is the 5th and final track from my EP, "Chapter 0 : REINKARNAL" - it’s Tarli Digital’s remix of "Do U Wanna Come?"

Tarli brought a whole new flex to the track, turning it into a hardcore Desi Bhangra Neofunk Anthem! Play this at any desi event and watch the crowd freak out when the chorus hits!

As always, the download is free, but please feel free to pay for it, should you choose to :) It’d be very much appreciated!

Do U Wanna Come? (Tarli Digital Remix)
written by s-endz & simon “subs” duggal
remix by tarli digital
mastered by simon “subs” duggal at sub dub studios

"if you don’t got what it takes, then baby don’t try to fake it…." 

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This is the fourth song from my new EP “Chapter 0 : REINKARNAL” - my cover/remake/re-interpretation of the classic 1994 R. Kelly hit “Your Body’s Callin”. I haven’t assigned it a chapter number because it won’t appear on the future total-package EP that will be on iTunes, Spotify, etc due to sample clearance issues. So enjoy, right here and right now is your only chance to get hold of this. Download it below, for free, but as always, feel free to pay any amount you choose to, if you want to.

Your Body’s Callin’
written, produced, performed and mixed by s-endz at neofunk studios
based on “your body’s callin’” by r. kelly
mastered by simon “subs” duggal

About six months ago, I realized that aside from a live jam of Prince’s “Controversy” during a Maida Vale session with my band Swami, I’ve never performed or released a cover. I set out to remedy this, chose this classic r&b joint from 1994, put my own twist on it…..and voila!

“gonna give you all my love….”

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This is the third song, "She Got It (I Want It)" from my new EP, "Chapter 0 : REINKARNAL". Download below, and once again, although you can download it for free, if you can afford to pay something for the song, please do (any amount you choose). 

She Got It (I Want It)
written and produced by s-endz
mixed by s-endz at neofunk studios and simon “subs” duggal at sub dub studios
mastered by simon “subs” duggal at sub dub studios 

"She Got It (I Want It)" was written back in February 2009 in my homestudio. I was crushing on a certain female singer and she indirectly inspired this song. The drum was inspired by a Prince track, and the song itself is a fairly straightfoward ode to lust.

"when she hit you with a smile, rockin that future cyberstyle, she make your mind get wild…"

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She Got It (I Want It)" was due to be released today but is now coming out on Monday. Here’s a clip to tide you over till then :)

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This is the second song, "Do U Wanna Come?" from my EP "Chapter 0: REINKARNAL". Download below, you can download for free but if you can afford to pay something for it, please do - you can pay however much or little you want. More songs from the EP will be released every 2 weeks! Scroll further down this page to hear the previous track, "Alone"

Do U Wanna Come
written by s-endz
produced by s-endz & simon “subs” duggal
mixed, engineered and mastered by simon “subs” duggal at sub dub studios

"Do U Wanna Come" is an uptempo neofunk dancefloor jam, written by s-endz, produced by s-endz and simon "subs" duggal, a homage to classic 70’s funk likes james brown and the ohio players, but with a contemporary twist.

It was originally conceived in May 2008 at my home studio. I programmed the drums and played a synth bass part before writing all the lyrics. I did a rough vocal demo in July before taking it to simon’s studio, where he added a guitar part and some synth stabs, and we re-recorded the vocals. 

The song remained mostly the same throughout 2009 and 2010, before we came back to it in mid 2011, shortened it down, re-did all the synth parts, and did the final mix.

"she took me by surprise….." 

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This is the first song, “Alone" from my EP "Chapter 0 : REINKARNAL”. Download below, you can download for free but if can afford to pay for it, please do - you can pay however much or little you want. Each subsequent song from the EP will be released at 2 week intervals. 

written by s-endz
produced by s-endz and simon ‘subs’ duggal
chorus vocals by sarah riley
mixed, engineered and mastered by simon ‘subs’ duggal at sub dub studios

Alone was written and conceived in May 2008 at my home studio. Lyrically, it’s the story of a troubled relationship. It started with a guitar sample from a pop song, ran through a filter and then I started laying down drums on it. The first version was very basic – just the drums and the sample. I wrote and recorded all three verses and the chorus, and then a few months later, took the multitracks over to simon’s studio. There, we redid the drums from scratch, added piano and guitar parts, and had a girl named sarah, who simon was working with at the time, record the chorus vocal. I then redid my own rap vocals. Over the next 3 years, we worked on-and-off on the song, but it always felt incomplete. Finally, in mid 2011, we changed the bassline, added new synth parts and everything fell into place.

“do you enjoy being alone….. do you want me… yes or no”

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On February 11th I will release "Alone", the first track from my new EP - "Chapter 0: REINKARNAL". Above is the artwork for the EP. I will be releasing each subsequent song at 2 week intervals. Each song will be released for free with the option to pay any amount you choose. I’d really appreciate it if you did. Thanks to Jazz S for the killer artwork. 

Neofunk Begins…. 

S-Endz aka Casey Rain


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