This is the second song, "Do U Wanna Come?" from my EP "Chapter 0: REINKARNAL". Download below, you can download for free but if you can afford to pay something for it, please do - you can pay however much or little you want. More songs from the EP will be released every 2 weeks! Scroll further down this page to hear the previous track, "Alone"

Do U Wanna Come
written by s-endz
produced by s-endz & simon “subs” duggal
mixed, engineered and mastered by simon “subs” duggal at sub dub studios

"Do U Wanna Come" is an uptempo neofunk dancefloor jam, written by s-endz, produced by s-endz and simon "subs" duggal, a homage to classic 70’s funk likes james brown and the ohio players, but with a contemporary twist.

It was originally conceived in May 2008 at my home studio. I programmed the drums and played a synth bass part before writing all the lyrics. I did a rough vocal demo in July before taking it to simon’s studio, where he added a guitar part and some synth stabs, and we re-recorded the vocals. 

The song remained mostly the same throughout 2009 and 2010, before we came back to it in mid 2011, shortened it down, re-did all the synth parts, and did the final mix.

"she took me by surprise….." 

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