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Back It Up - OUT NOW

The brand new single “Back It Up” by my band Swami is out now….. get your free downloads of the Original Mix and the Desi Mix here. Check out the lyric videos below!

- Original Mix:

 - Desi Mix:

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This is the third song, "She Got It (I Want It)" from my new EP, "Chapter 0 : REINKARNAL". Download below, and once again, although you can download it for free, if you can afford to pay something for the song, please do (any amount you choose). 

She Got It (I Want It)
written and produced by s-endz
mixed by s-endz at neofunk studios and simon “subs” duggal at sub dub studios
mastered by simon “subs” duggal at sub dub studios 

"She Got It (I Want It)" was written back in February 2009 in my homestudio. I was crushing on a certain female singer and she indirectly inspired this song. The drum was inspired by a Prince track, and the song itself is a fairly straightfoward ode to lust.

"when she hit you with a smile, rockin that future cyberstyle, she make your mind get wild…"

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She Got It (I Want It)" was due to be released today but is now coming out on Monday. Here’s a clip to tide you over till then :)

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Swami > Upgrade UR Sound: 2012 = #UPGRADE f


So there it is. #UPGRADE is pretty much finished. Minor tweaks still being made. First single will be chosen soon and we’ll begin working on artwork and planning a timeframe. Wow. It’s taken two and a half years. That’s way longer than any album we’ve made before. And we’re more proud of this…

Source: swamimusic

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Been jamming to this ALL DAY. The 12” has an extended dub mix and a killer B-Side track too. Too sick. 

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Brand new Swami - "Dumdaraka (Dub Upgrade)" f

Last night, my band (Swami) premiered a new track on BBC Radio 1 and BBC Asian Network, a preview dub mix of a track from our new album which will be released later this year. It’s called “Dumdaraka (Dub Upgrade)” and now you can hear it online by clicking here! Ain’t life awesome?

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Mike Posner - “Please Don’t Go” music video. He is awesome.

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#nowplaying Zapp III - 1 of the funkiest albums ever!
HTC Dream
Focal Length

#nowplaying Zapp III - 1 of the funkiest albums ever!

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#nowplaying Katy Perry’s “California Gurls” (Passion Pit Remix) - this remix is SICK! 

Whichever label person decided to include this as a bonus track - I salute you.


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I <3 this song so much that it has the top 2 places on my most played list :) The System - You Are In My System 


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