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Dammit Prince, you are too slick. This scene is one of my favorites from Under The Cherry Moon. 

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Prince - “Parade” - My documentary

25 / 4: “Parade” April. by Xfm 25 on Mixcloud

Yeahhhhhhhhhhh boy. This was the most fun I had making a documentary since the one I did about Tupac back in 2006. What’s not to love about interviewing your heroes? I TALKED TO DR. FINK FOR OVER HALF AN HOUR FTW. If you love Prince like I love Prince, LISTEN. If you don’t, LISTEN anyway. Or not, you know. Whatever. Big up to Sam Coley and XFM, y’all know what it is.

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Someday I will look this good. I love the “Under The Cherry Moon/Parade” era look. Just, totally kick ass. 


6Prince, Parade, Under The Cherry Moon,