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Cruisin’ through Vegas in the Corvette with the top down when this song comes on the radio…. volume goes UP!

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So here is the new Michael Jackson video for “Hollywood Tonight”. One of the better tracks on the new album, and unlike the 3 fake songs, this one’s a real MJ song. 

So it’s disappointing to see the latest turn of events. Firstly, they’ve changed the mix of the song and the album version is a LOT better. The drums on the album version are modern and match the song, which was recorded in 2007. In this version, they’ve taken those out and replaced them with the drums from “Billie Jean”. This makes no sense, the drums from Billie Jean sound dated and don’t match the rest of the production, and they slow down the energy of the song. When the album came out, some clueless reviewers compared this song to “Billie Jean” (which I don’t understand as the two songs have little in common) and it seems as if the Estate took this comment a little too literally. 

They’ve also taken out Taryll Jackson’s spoken word bridge, which I liked. 

Onto the video itself - lazy. Barely any archive footage of Michael, no real storyline. Just like the album, it seems they made minimal effort here. It’s missing that Michael Jackson magic. Michael’s legacy deserves so much more than this. Memo to John Branca and John McClain - give me a call if you want this shit done properly. 

The only positive comment I can make is that it seems they added more MJ adlibs… and it’s always nice to hear more Michael. 

It’s sad to see how little effort is being put in - especially given that they have earned hundreds of millions of dollars since MJ passed. They could be doing so much better than this but they just don’t seem to care.

RIP Michael - we love you and miss you.

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Ultimately never performed live, “Remember The Time” was rehearsed for the Dangerous tour… here’s the footage :)


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Michael Jackson’s new album “The Future”, out late 2010. 

The album will likely feature the following tracks

Another Day (Michael Jackson and Lenny Kravitz )
Bassouille (Michael Jackson and Lenny Kravitz)
Belong 2 ( Jackson and Riley)
Buffalo Hill (Jackson )
Face (Jackson)
Fear (Jackson)
Get Around (Jackson )
Hold My Hand (Claude Kelly and Akon )
The Future (Jackson and
Rolling The Dice (Temperton )
Seven Digits (Jackson and Loren )
This Is Our Time (Jackson )

I repeat these are the possible tracks and the strongest contenders for the album .

In addition to this ,there are four untitled tracks written and composed by R Kelly, which are likely to be considered for the final list of the tracks.

Teddy Riley , R Kelly, and Rodney Jerkins, have all confirmed that they are working for Jackson’s new album.

The album will be produced by John McClain and John Branca and released worldwide by Sony Music .


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