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This is the second song, "Do U Wanna Come?" from my EP "Chapter 0: REINKARNAL". Download below, you can download for free but if you can afford to pay something for it, please do - you can pay however much or little you want. More songs from the EP will be released every 2 weeks! Scroll further down this page to hear the previous track, "Alone"

Do U Wanna Come
written by s-endz
produced by s-endz & simon “subs” duggal
mixed, engineered and mastered by simon “subs” duggal at sub dub studios

"Do U Wanna Come" is an uptempo neofunk dancefloor jam, written by s-endz, produced by s-endz and simon "subs" duggal, a homage to classic 70’s funk likes james brown and the ohio players, but with a contemporary twist.

It was originally conceived in May 2008 at my home studio. I programmed the drums and played a synth bass part before writing all the lyrics. I did a rough vocal demo in July before taking it to simon’s studio, where he added a guitar part and some synth stabs, and we re-recorded the vocals. 

The song remained mostly the same throughout 2009 and 2010, before we came back to it in mid 2011, shortened it down, re-did all the synth parts, and did the final mix.

"she took me by surprise….." 

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This is the first song, “Alone" from my EP "Chapter 0 : REINKARNAL”. Download below, you can download for free but if can afford to pay for it, please do - you can pay however much or little you want. Each subsequent song from the EP will be released at 2 week intervals. 

written by s-endz
produced by s-endz and simon ‘subs’ duggal
chorus vocals by sarah riley
mixed, engineered and mastered by simon ‘subs’ duggal at sub dub studios

Alone was written and conceived in May 2008 at my home studio. Lyrically, it’s the story of a troubled relationship. It started with a guitar sample from a pop song, ran through a filter and then I started laying down drums on it. The first version was very basic – just the drums and the sample. I wrote and recorded all three verses and the chorus, and then a few months later, took the multitracks over to simon’s studio. There, we redid the drums from scratch, added piano and guitar parts, and had a girl named sarah, who simon was working with at the time, record the chorus vocal. I then redid my own rap vocals. Over the next 3 years, we worked on-and-off on the song, but it always felt incomplete. Finally, in mid 2011, we changed the bassline, added new synth parts and everything fell into place.

“do you enjoy being alone….. do you want me… yes or no”

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S-Endz Interviews Quincy "QD3" Jones III [BBC 1xtra, 2Pac Documentary]

My interview with Quincy “QD3” Jones III - an excerpt from my two hour primetime Tupac documentary that I made for BBC 1Xtra in 2006.

Source: SoundCloud / s-endz

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Sticky Fingaz - “Blacktrash” - Me and one my of cousins used to bump this album HARD when it came out in 2001. This album was mad under-rated, folks slept on it for the most part but it’s sick as hell from beginning to end. 

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"I sold my soul to the devil, and the price was cheap… And yo it’s cold on this level, cos it’s twice as deep. But you don’t hear me, ‘cause ignorance is bliss and so on… sometimes it’s better to be thought dumb - shall I go on?"

Repost if you love Nate Dogg.

53 of Nate’s best hooks. Missing a few classics, like “Ain’t No Fun”, “These Dayz” and “So Ignorant”, but a good collection nonetheless. Turn up your stereo and light one up for Nate Dogg. RIP.

Tribute To Nate Dogg - The Best Hooks In The Game (mixed by matic) by s-endz

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New 2Pac! “Ride For Me” - after 14 years and at least 10 discs of unreleased music already released, there’s STILL previously unheard and unreleased songs showing up!!! I love it. Missing you ‘Pac.


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