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Jimmy Jam&Terry Lewis are 2 of my favorite producers for the simple fact that their musical ability is unparalleled and they’re extremely consistent yet innovative at the same time. If I were asked what producer(s) inspired me the most or who I emulate I would have to say Jimmy&Terry as far as my synths,leads and chord progressions. Jimmy&Terry can take a simple chord progression or synth riff and turn it into a monster hit. I honestly feel they don’t get the credit they deserve. i would almost credit them for starting the New Jack Swing sound cause you first heard those Swing Beat hip hop-esque records on Janet Jackson’s Control album along with the Boomerang Soundtrack. NO SHADE at Teddy Riley because he IS the one who made the New Jack Swing sound popular in the late 80s early 90s. but i’ve always felt Jimmy&Terry were ahead of their time sound and production wise -KB

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My fave part of the MJ episode of Glee. Artie & Mike Chang doing “Scream”…. amazing :)

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You know, a Janet and Marilyn Manson collab would be amazing. 

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BBC4 have a documentary on tonight at 10PM about the legendary Miss Janet Jackson - one of my favorite artists of all time. Make sure you watch. 

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Let’s make a train ! Reblog with your favorite Janet Jackson song :)








China Love <3

 Rhythm Nation. <3333

 Miss You Much <333333


Alright. <33

Come Back To Me

Rope Burn

The Pleasure Principle

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