Fine Young Cannibals - She Drives Me Crazy (Music Video)

The other day I tweeted a link to an article interviewing Minneapolis producer David Z about how he created the legendary snare sound on this very song. For those who might not know, David was an in-house producer at Prince’s record label - Paisley Park. David is also the brother of Prince’s former drummer in his band The Revolution - Bobby Z.

In a coincidental twist of fate, the manager of the Fine Young Cannibals, John Mostyn had recently started following me on Twitter, which I hadn’t realized! John managed my cousins, Simon and Diamond for a while in the 90’s also and said to say hello to them from him after he replied to my initial tweet commenting that it was funny that he’d just began following me, and then I posted an article about one of his acts. Small world eh?

Anyway - here’s the video. This song is such a classic - still sounds fresh over 20 years later!

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