Chris Brown is a fool. Making statements about “Demonic Music”, everybody knows you’re taking subliminal shots at Odd Future cos they’re use the triple six and upside down cross imagery. Then Hodgy calls you out on it and you claim it was a “general statement” and because you didn’t mention Tyler or OFWGKTA by name that makes it OK? When it was CLEARLY obvious who you were talking about? Tyler acted the bigger man and made you look stupid. Keep talking about making positive music this and that… YOUR actions speak louder than your words…. how’s THAT for a subliminal shot? And Benny Benassi gassed you up with a hot beat, but “Beautiful People” coulda been anyone’s song and you know it. 

If you really about positivity, stop taking obvious subliminal hater shots at the hottest crew in the game right now. Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All! 

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