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This is the 5th and final track from my EP, "Chapter 0 : REINKARNAL" - it’s Tarli Digital’s remix of "Do U Wanna Come?"

Tarli brought a whole new flex to the track, turning it into a hardcore Desi Bhangra Neofunk Anthem! Play this at any desi event and watch the crowd freak out when the chorus hits!

As always, the download is free, but please feel free to pay for it, should you choose to :) It’d be very much appreciated!

Do U Wanna Come? (Tarli Digital Remix)
written by s-endz & simon “subs” duggal
remix by tarli digital
mastered by simon “subs” duggal at sub dub studios

"if you don’t got what it takes, then baby don’t try to fake it…." 

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Xavier - IDIOTS!
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LOL, I’m laughing so hard at this. 


A dramatic reading of my anon message whilst I play unfitting music.

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Brand new Prince bootleg of great quality demos from “Parade”!!! AWESOME! If you need to know where to get it, just ask :)

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HTC just bought a 51% controlling share in Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine (Interscope CEO)’s company Beats Audio for $300 million. The Beats Audio technology will be integrated into future HTC smartphones. Here’s the official video.

Wonder if Apple stores will stop selling Beats by Dre headphones now? ;)


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My cousin Simon Duggal wrote this ebook. I have a co-author credit cos I helped :)

If you have a Kindle, or the Kindle app for Android or iPhone/iPad, please buy it? I’ll love you if you do. 

Amazon US - Amazon UK

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Brand new Swami - "Dumdaraka (Dub Upgrade)" f

Last night, my band (Swami) premiered a new track on BBC Radio 1 and BBC Asian Network, a preview dub mix of a track from our new album which will be released later this year. It’s called “Dumdaraka (Dub Upgrade)” and now you can hear it online by clicking here! Ain’t life awesome?

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