Prince re-signs with Warner Bros for new album and Purple Rain reissue - wow!!!! f

Looks like Birmingham City Council mentioned me in this report about Citizen Engagement.... Interesting f

Prince - For You
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Prince Rogers Nelson. The Artist Formerly Known As Prince. Christopher Tracy. Alexander Nevermind. The Kid. Joey Coco. Tora-Tora. His Royal Badness. The Purple Majesty. The Purple Yoda. Unarguably the greatest musician and artist of all time and live performer. More than 30 albums to his name and 5 movies and countless music awards, he has established himself as a force NOT to be reckoned with… but, before all of that, before all of the controversy, all of the outrageous outfits, scandalous affairs and larger than life itself status, Prince was a shy 20-year-old from Minneapolis, Minnesota with a passionate drive to be the greatest he could be. Prince grew, not only as a musician and artist, but as a person. This is Prince, before Prince became Prince.  #36YearsOfPrince.

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Owl City’s new single “Beautiful Times” comes out next Tuesday! Awesome!

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These pictures are amazing!!!
These pictures are amazing!!!
These pictures are amazing!!!
These pictures are amazing!!!

These pictures are amazing!!!

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Nile Rodgers will be joining Prince on stage as a special guest at Essence Festival in New Orleans! Wow!!!

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Prince’s FALLINLOVE2NITE single artwork by Mat Maitland, minus title texts.

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Michael Jackson - “XSCAPE” Album Teaser | #MJXSCAPE (by Michael Jackson)



The new #MichaelJackson album #Xscape drops on May 13th and the deluxe version contains the songs in their original form!!! Finally they get something right!

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Even with huge issues I have with the Estate, and the sad feeling that the album will contain terrible remixes by the likes of Timbaland, I can’t help but get a little excited at seeing the start of a promo campaign for the new #MichaelJackson album, because it reminds me of when he was here…..


I remember being absolutely floored by this track when Kate came back in 2005 after a 12 year absence. Absolutely jaw dropping.

.”There’s a rumor that you’re on ice
and you will rise again someday,
And that there’s a photograph
Where you’re dancing on your grave….”


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Lotti Golden’s 1969 album “Motor-Cycle” is the best 60’s pop album you may never have heard. In a strange twist, Lotti went on to become a pioneering electro and hip-hop producer in the 80’s, then a soul producer and writer in the 90’s working with The O’Jays, Eternal, Taylor Dayne, Al Green and Hinda Hicks. 

Rick Springfield’s video for “State Of The Heart”. Brilliant song, and also notable for being the first music video ever directed by David Fincher!


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"You can always tell when the groove is working or not."

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Owl City - floppy fish
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Preview of the new Owl City song, “Trust Me”. Also known as “Floppy Fish” for some reason. Sounds awesome and more like his old material!

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